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Why our reseller partners love KeyPay

Flexible payroll scenarios

KeyPay caters to the most unique payroll scenarios, from complex pay runs with thousands of employees, to smaller pay runs. Set your own conditions, allowances, tasks, and templates to suit your client's needs.

KeyPay caters to the most unique payroll scenarios to suit your client’s needs
KeyPay’s cloud based system scales with your business

Cloud based payroll

As a cloud based system that scales with your business, there are no limits to how many clients your business can manage in KeyPay. Updates and fixes can also be made in real time across all client portfolios. 

Automated pay runs

KeyPay reduces your payroll administrative tasks and eliminates 90% of the time you currently spend on payroll by automating all aspects of the pay run. Maintain control and simultaneously spend more time focussing on tasks that drive business growth.

KeyPay’s automated pay run saves up to 90% of your time
KeyPay’s pre-built modern award interpretation engine ensures clients are always compliant in payroll

Award compliance

With Australia’s first pre-built modern award interpretation engine, your clients can be assured that they will always be compliant in payroll. What’s more with each financial year, KeyPay automatically updates the available awards in the system so you don’t have to lift a finger!

KeyPay reduces payroll processing times, increasing your revenue
Reduce time processing payroll and increase your revenue with our offerings.
As a payroll partner, you’ll receive:

Partner support

We help you get your team set up with implementation guidelines and training in the form of videos, online webinars, and support articles. You’ll also have access to ongoing second level support.

A brandable self-managed payroll platform

Our white label solution allows you to manage customers from one branded interface, boosting your brand amongst clientele.

Reseller pricing

A fully branded solution at a cost exclusively for our partners.