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99 Bikes

"The best system I’ve ever used. You can just rely on KeyPay and know that your employees are being paid correctly."

99 Bikes

99 Bikes is an Australian bicycle retailer that provides exciting products that cater for all types of cyclists - from racing addicts to weekend cruisers. 


Company Overview

99 Bikes is an Australian bicycle retailer that provides exciting products that cater for all types of cyclists – from racing addicts to weekend cruisers. 99 Bikes has 50 company-owned stores employing 700 staff around Australia.


Prior to using KeyPay, 99 Bikes used multiple systems for time and attendance, rostering and payroll. This meant double handling of data, increased risk of human error and extra system costs. According to Finance Lead James Cassidy, the payroll platform was very unreliable and the rostering system wasn’t able to interpret the General Retail Award accurately. The finance team were after a solution they could rely on to manage time and attendance, rostering, and award interpretation.

How KeyPay helped

Award Interpretation

KeyPay’s automated award interpretation allowed 99 Bikes to install the General Retail Award and “set and forget” pay conditions without any concerns or risks of incorrectly paying staff. “You can really rely on KeyPay to pay your staff correctly with just a few quick checks.  This is great because there are so many ways in which you can make payroll errors, so to have a system which is reliable and accurate takes a lot of stress off trying to work it out yourself. When you throw in the complications of award interpretation it pays to have a system that can do the work for you.”, James said. “KeyPay’s visibility of costs for each shift (in terms of penalty rates and public holidays) really empowers our team leaders to make smart business decisions for their shop, and what is good for the shops is good for the company overall”.

All-in-one system

The finance team were able to get rid of an extra system and manage payroll, timesheets and rostering comprehensively, saving time and extra costs. “Using KeyPay, one person spends about 5 days a month on payroll. If we were trying to do what we’re doing in KeyPay in our previous systems, it would take twice as long”, said James. By using KeyPay’s all-in-one system, 99 Bikes were able to reduce costs by 40%.

Employee Self Service

The staff of 99 Bikes use KeyPay’s employee portal and mobile app WorkZone to manage their expenses, view payslips and schedules, and enter leave and timesheets. “KeyPay has streamlined our expense system. We used to do it externally through online forms and submit reimbursements, but now it’s done through WorkZone and staff are paid in the next pay day”. Furthermore, the time previously spent answering emails with people asking for payslips etc. has now been eliminated: “Now everyone is in control of their information, we don’t get any employee requests anymore”, James said.

Employee Onboarding

KeyPay’s has also made onboarding a lot easier. “Employee self setup is amazing – we used to spend maybe 5-10 minutes per employee and data wasn’t reliable; now it’s 30 seconds per employee and the data is completely reliable because it’s entered by the employee online”, said James.

Results Summary

  • 40% cost reduction
  • 50% reduction in time spent on payroll each month
  • 90% reduction in payroll errors
  • 5-10 minutes reduced to 30 seconds per employee for onboarding
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