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“If you’re a small to medium business where you have limited resources to manage multiple systems, KeyPay is the absolute go-to. Everything is integrated - you just have the one system and from there, it flows from staff rosters to shift creation, all the way down to the payroll.”

Aspire Hub

Aspire Hub is an NDIS-registered provider of supported accommodation services, community programs and community nursing for adults and children residing in Queensland.

Queensland, Australia
Disability and social assistance

Aspire Hub is dedicated to supporting hundreds of people with their NDIS plans. They pride themselves on being a trusted NDIS provider of supported accommodation services to adults and children living with disabilities, with their staff working across multiple locations and client homes prior to COVID (as Aspire Hub is limiting staff movements between client homes during the pandemic, as part of their commitment to the public’s health and safety).

We spoke to John Toh - General Manager at Aspire Hub - about the benefits of KeyPay’s all-in-one solution, and how KeyPay has provided a solid foundation for Aspire Hub to customise their payroll and workforce management experience.

What Aspire Hub needed

With a team of 170 employees (and over 90% of those staff working from non-fixed locations), Aspire Hub needed a payroll solution that was flexible and customisable. “We’re mostly a casual workforce and a lot of our team members are on the ground, supporting clients in their day-to-day tasks.” John was looking for an end-to-end solution that would streamline processes, save time and positively impact staff retention.

Automated award interpretation to take the pressure off

Given the nature of the industry, the ability to decipher modern awards (such as the SCHADS and Nurses awards) was essential: “Trying to understand the multiple conditions that could apply to a particular shift, calculate the allowances and the loading that’s involved is a big pain point for us.” With transparent calculation context panels and pre-built modern awards, KeyPay shows how pay and entitlements are calculated, so that you know you’re always paying staff correctly. “The fact that the SCHADS award interpretation is all built-in and automatically updated is very handy.” 

KeyPay also allows for custom rule conditions to be built within the system, such as wage rates, penalties, allowances or overtime rules that may be unique to your business. “I use custom rules quite a fair bit as well - so KeyPay provides a lot of flexibility for us.”

Intuitive rostering for complex schedules 

With most disability and social assistance providers employing a high number of casual and part-time employees, efficient shift management is crucial. “Before KeyPay, it was really hard to find a way to put warnings in - I couldn’t set conditions where it would warn us to say if a particular staff member would not have sufficient break times.” 

This is particularly crucial for employees under modern awards, who may require minimum breaks between shifts to be accounted for within the roster. “I like that there’s a lot of features and flexibility in KeyPay that are there to give us a solid foundation to customise what I need.”

When Aspire Hub reached around 80 staff, they realised that their existing system of creating rosters in Excel and physically entering wage rates into payroll was too time-consuming. “We were manually inputting data and calculating loading - which was not ideal.” 

Since switching to KeyPay, rostering is now a breeze - and has significantly decreased the time strain on staff: “We’ve saved about a day’s worth of time each week. Being able to drag and drop shifts, change things on the fly, and staff being able to receive instant communication gives us a big time-saving. Team leaders no longer have to email staff to inform them of new shifts.”

A comprehensive solution

Aspire Hub was searching for an integrated solution for rostering and payroll; “We didn’t want to use two systems.” With KeyPay, award conditions can be applied directly into rosters that are then pushed to payroll within the same system. “I’ve worked with previous organisations where we rely a lot on manual processes, so the fact that KeyPay does everything automatically is a God-send.”

When asked about what feature was most beneficial to Aspire Hub, John couldn’t narrow it down to just one: “It’s really an all-in-one solution - we pretty much use everything. ATO updates and super payments were also a big pain point for us previously. We’re very happy with the fact that everything is integrated with Beam as well. We use Beam as a clearinghouse to process all our super which is a very, very big lifesaver.”

“The app (WorkZone) is really good as well. I usually don’t like apps that are tied to any form of business software, but this is one of those apps that I really like!” With the ability to send push notifications, emails and text messages to staff informing them of shifts, the manual effort involved in distributing rosters to staff is virtually eliminated.

Value beyond time and cost savings

Beyond time and cost savings, Aspire Hub has benefitted from reduced manual processes and errors in payroll. “With KeyPay, everything is automated in terms of calculations and loading conditions - when everything is accurate and when there’s minimal payroll errors, my staff are kept happy. Staff retention is high - there’s a lot of flow-on effects that are not just linked directly to cost and time savings. My team leaders are also happier because they don’t have to spend as much time [fixing errors], so they’re less frustrated as well.”

Key Insights

  • Automated award interpretation and custom rule sets in KeyPay save a lot of time and provide peace of mind over pay calculations
  • Roster warnings and roster templates have saved 1 day of time per week
  • KeyPay as an all-in-one system helps to streamline processes
  • The ability to process super payments via KeyPay’s integration with Beam saves a lot of time and is easy to use
  • Staff retention is high due to a reduction of errors in payroll and rostering
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