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Disability Connect Victoria

“Award interpretation with KeyPay is a game-changer. It saves so much time and energy, and takes the question work out of getting people’s pay right.”

Disability Connect Victoria

Disability Connect Victoria is a local NDIS & TAC provider, whose approach is to do 'whatever it takes' to provide their clients with the support they require - when and where they need it. They assist those who require assistance in their own home, accessing the community and everything in between. 

Disability and social assistance

“The platform came quite highly recommended from a number of people. I was looking at 2 or 3 different solutions to see what would work best for us, and KeyPay was one of the only ones who had an Australian-based solution team.”

Disability Connect Victoria (DCV) is a local NDIS & TAC provider. Their approach is to do 'whatever it takes' to provide their clients with the support they require - when and where they need it. DCV has a number of skilled, reliable and dedicated support workers available across the greater Gippsland area and throughout South Eastern Metro Melbourne. They assist those who require assistance in their own home, accessing the community and everything in between.

CEO and CFO - Rhys Gorman - decided to move some of their payroll processes from Xero to KeyPay in order to support their growing organisation. We spoke to Rhys about DCV's payroll processes prior to using KeyPay and the benefits they've experienced since coming onboard as a client.

Payroll processes prior to KeyPay

“We used to use Xero for all of our payroll processing and we moved over to KeyPay when we had about 50-70 staff members. We were trying to future-proof a little bit.” 

That’s where KeyPay came in to “try and streamline a few things, because we were doing payroll just through Xero. It’s helped out quite a lot from streamlining and not having to manually do a lot of the timesheets.”

Of the 130 employees that DCV have today, “the vast majority of our field staff are doing in-home support or community access, so there’s not too many fixed locations that people can work from.” The flexibility that KeyPay provides in being able to easily import multiple timesheets into payroll has been beneficial in saving DCV time and manual effort.

KeyPay’s powerful integration and reporting capabilities with Xero

On KeyPay’s integration and reporting capabilities with Xero, Rhys is a happy client - “it works and it works really well.”

DCV uses Xero for their accounting package functions, so KeyPay’s ability to import timesheets without manual intervention or data loss has been crucial. “Being able to know that when a timesheet is imported, my payroll person doesn’t have to intervene and it’ll go through to the right category in Xero. When a worker submits their timesheet, it exports to Xero after the pay run and all of my financial reporting is done.”

This has helped Rhys to better understand the performance of the organisation, where they need to focus more investment, or where they may need to taper off some things. “That’s been really quite crucial - I know my fellow directors have found that quite useful as well.”

Seamless interpretation of the SCHADS award

Most of DCV’s staff work under the rules of Fair Work’s SCHADS award (Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services), so Rhys’ favourite feature about KeyPay is its award interpretation. “That would be the top feature that we chose KeyPay for.”

Rhys is emphatic about the benefits of this feature: “It’s a game changer. Not having to have that in-depth award knowledge, or impart that onto all of our payroll people, it saves so much time and so much energy. It takes the question work out of getting people’s pay right.”

Reducing hours of manual input

Since switching to KeyPay for payroll, DCV have enjoyed significant time savings and a reduction in manual processes. “The easiest way to drill it down is when we were doing payroll through Xero for 70 staff members. Since moving to KeyPay with over 130 staff members now, I’ve got one full-time employee that does payroll as well as all of our accounts payable and receivable on a Monday - compared to someone processing all the timesheets over the whole week to be ready for the following week to pay it.” 

Other features that DCV love about KeyPay

Time & attendance with Clock Me In

“Our iPad is wall-mounted in the kitchen in the office. They just walk in, clock in, take their photo - and harass me about having to take a photo, but I’ve told them that I’m making a collage at the end of the year with all the photos they submit!”

Ease of employee (and business) self setup

“For someone [who may be] a bit of a novice when it comes to tech…[our staff] have been able to follow the links that get sent to them and have nailed the whole process. Just knowing that if they want to update their details, they can do it. It gives us a lot of time back in our day.”

Time savings & cost model

“Given that we are a highly casualised workforce, any of our workers could be working for 2 to 3 different organisations, so they’re not in every pay run. Not getting penalised for having a person there that might get paid in the future but is not getting paid [in every pay run] works really well for us.”

Advice to others considering KeyPay

Rhys is now a passionate advocate for KeyPay. “I highly recommend [KeyPay] to anyone; I know a couple of people that are starting up businesses at the moment and I’ve already recommended KeyPay to them for all of this kind of stuff. It’s an easy platform to use, it doesn’t take a lot of training. There’s always support available if they need it for anything as well. The online information is also quite comprehensive so there’s really no risk in trying it.”

Key Insights

  1. The ability to integrate with Xero reduces manual processes with timesheet importing
  2. Seamless award interpretation saves time and energy
  3. Employee self setup is easy to use and doesn't require you to be 'tech-savvy'
  4. KeyPay enables DCV to scale their payroll processes as their business continues to grow
  5. Our Australian-based support team allows DCV to quickly access help when needed
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