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Lighting Illusions

"KeyPay is always my first recommendation to friends and colleagues looking for payroll software. A lot of people use Xero or MYOB - they’re not too bad, but KeyPay takes payroll to the next level."

Lighting Illusions

Lighting Illusions has been providing lighting and cooling solutions since 2003, employing around 60 people in 6 stores across Queensland.


About 10 years ago, Travis Bishop - Managing Director of Lighting Illusions - was looking for a suitable solution to encompass workforce management, rostering, timesheets and payroll in one place. This search resulted in Lighting Illusions becoming one of KeyPay’s earliest adopters.

“Ten years ago, we were using MYOB. There was no consistency in tracking leave - it was done manually via email, it was reliant to people remembering to send and update information, and it was very messy. There was no rostering system either.

Back then, there was nothing on the market that did what KeyPay did, and there still isn’t anything that comes close. Our processes are much smoother with KeyPay and it gives us that central location to manage all information in a much easier manner.”

One single source of data

Before KeyPay, Travis’ payroll and workforce management processes were disjointed, causing a lot of manual work.

“The main reason we went for KeyPay was having that one source of data in one place.

KeyPay has allowed us to adequately and effectively track leave, payroll and timesheet hours. Our staff are able to track hours using the employee portal, WorkZone, or the Clock Me In kiosk.

It has been instrumental in providing transparency over our business and making sure nothing gets missed. The Clock Me In kiosk is now a piece of furniture, providing great staff visibility across multiple locations. KeyPay can also flag on timesheets when people don’t sign in to their shift, so we can better manage discrepancies if people forget to log their leave.”

Evolving with the challenging payroll landscape

Over the years, Travis has seen KeyPay evolve and maintain compliance through complex payroll and employment legislation changes:

“The KeyPay team evolves so quickly to make sure the tech is up to date, compliant, and simple to navigate. They’re always ensuring that their information and systems are relevant and accurate through the challenging landscape of payroll.”

Integration with Xero

“Our accounts team do reporting for wage cost breakdowns across locations using KeyPay integrated with Xero. We set up by location and it’s super seamless. The integration pushes journals through to Xero and there’s no manual work we need to do in terms of getting that data over into accounts.”

Saving time on payroll admin

With KeyPay, Travis has saved up to 75% of time spent on payroll admin.

“Payroll is done much faster. Previously it could take a half day to manage. Now I can get it done in under an hour.”

Always enhancing

“KeyPay is one of the best developed software that we use. It’s always making processes as intuitive and streamlined as possible, and the product team is always looking to improve - the UI and the back end functionality.

I don’t have to worry about any of the calculations going into leave, rates of pay, overtime etc. I just know it will get calculated correctly because so much focus is put into compliance at KeyPay.”

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