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Next Step Bookkeeping

"From my experience, KeyPay is the best payroll solution on the market. It’s the first time in all my bookkeeping years that I feel confident in the data and reports."

Next Step Bookkeeping

Next Step Bookkeeping provides tailored bookkeeping services for small businesses.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Next Step Bookkeeping provides tailored bookkeeping services for small businesses. The owner, Cathy Sperring – a registered BAS Agent with 20 years’ bookkeeping experience – is passionate about providing the right solution for her clients’ bookkeeping needs using the most efficient technology. Cathy is a QuickBooks Online (QBO) ProAdvisor and uses KeyPay with QuickBooks.

How long have you been using KeyPay and QBO?

“I’ve been using KeyPay for about 3 years, but only for businesses with around 1 or 2 staff. I only recently began using KeyPay for a client with 55 staff and thought – wow, this is incredible!”

When you first started using QBO and KeyPay, what attracted you to it?

“I used QBO with my very first client and she used the timesheeting in KeyPay. I was impressed that the employees just had to enter their hours which fed into the pay run straight away. I didn’t have to do any manual entry. That’s when I knew that QBO had good payroll.

Tell us about a time that using QBO and KeyPay has added value to a client

“I recently transitioned a client of 55 staff from Reckon to QBO. It was so easy. The lady who did the payroll before I took over said that payroll would have taken around 8 hours each pay run, and it’s now around an hour.”

Removing manual work

“Their previous process was all very manual. Leave was done using paper forms and it would often get missed. Using KeyPay I set up groups where employees can submit their own leave and it goes to certain managers to approve. It’s now very visible who has taken leave and what needs to be approved as it’s all online in the portal. It just works like magic.”


“Previously, everything was done on different programs, and data had to be fed from one to the other. You’d often make errors and have to double check, but now it is so transparent. You can see whose super payments have been made and how much, and it all works seamlessly.”

What do you love most about KeyPay?


KeyPay’s employee portal is very unique. Even Xero has an employee portal and it’s not as user friendly.”


“One of my clients said they needed a calendar to show all of the employee leave in one spot – and KeyPay does that. It’s a visual tool unlike any other payroll system.”


I feel more comfortable doing wages through KeyPay than with any other system. I’ve never fully trusted the way any other systems accrued leave and therefore the figures. Because of the transparency I fully trust Keypay is getting it right every time.”


“The business owners trust the figures and the employees trust the business owners are doing the right thing. That’s an amazing thing because business relationships are based on trust.”

Any advice for someone who is considering using KeyPay?

“If anyone is looking for a payroll solution or payroll add-on I’d tell them to look at KeyPay because of the ease of use and transparency. I just trust KeyPay, and it has stuck with me.”

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