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Regal Health

“KeyPay manages award interpretation for both our field and office staff perfectly, and with pay accuracy. It’s really great.”

Regal Health

Regal Health provides in-home health care and support services to elderly Australians. They are also a registered NDIS provider of home and community disability support.

Sydney, Australia
Aged care providers

“KeyPay has everything we require to meet our business’s needs, so we’re very happy with our experience.”

Regal Health provides in-home health care and support services to assist older Australians to live independently at home. Regal Health is also a registered NDIS provider who provides support to Australians living with disabilities. Employing over 200 staff (170 of which are casual and part-time field staff) who are operating under modern awards such as the SCHADS and Nurses Award, it was imperative to Regal Health that they were able to pay various rules within awards and integrate with their existing accounting and rostering platforms. 

Spearheading the implementation of KeyPay for Regal Health, Gloria Zuo - Executive Finance Manager - is well-versed in the system. We chatted about their need for a payroll system that could handle their rapid growth over the last 12 to 16 months, and learnt about how Regal Health have been able to maintain data integrity since moving to KeyPay in March of 2019. 

Payroll before KeyPay

Prior to KeyPay, Regal Health didn’t have a payroll system in place. “Our field workers were all employed as subcontractors”, says Gloria. When they shifted their employee model to bring their subcontractors on as employees, they began looking for a payroll system that would help them to save time and streamline processes. “We needed to process a large volume of payroll for a number of employees, and that’s when we requested KeyPay to help set us up.”

KeyPay came highly recommended from Gloria’s contacts within the industry. “KeyPay was actually introduced to us by our project manager from Salesforce, as that is our operations system.” They also received feedback from Lumary (among others) who had suggested KeyPay for running payroll for Regal Health’s growing business. “Because it has an integration function between our operations system, and between Xero into KeyPay, we decided to give it a go. It was a really successful implementation.”

Paying above the award when required

With a number of field staff working different hours and different shifts under various modern awards, it was difficult for Regal Health to manually manage payroll for each employee. “Now with KeyPay, we just upload a shift’s start and finish time, and we can figure out the type of shift and how that shift was calculated against the award. KeyPay is able to apply those various rates and pay them correctly by setting up the rules in the system. That’s been really convenient for us.”

Gloria is also emphatic about the benefits of creating custom rule sets in KeyPay. “We actually customise the awards in KeyPay and we pay types of shifts above the award - such as overnight care shifts - in order to attract more resources. KeyPay does that perfectly for us.” 

Maintaining data integrity

Although KeyPay offers intuitive rostering that accounts for the different pay rates against modern awards, Regal Health preferred to use their existing rostering system - Skedulo. “We use this sub-system for rostering as it’s part of the Salesforce system. With KeyPay, we’ve been able to maintain data integrity between Skedulo and KeyPay, so that all of our roster timesheets automatically flow to KeyPay with automated calculations.” 

Because of this integration, Regal Health has also been able to save so much time on their fortnightly payroll processing. “Before, we had to download a file and upload it manually. Now we no longer have to do that, and I will say that we’ve saved around 8 hours per fortnight.”

Our effortless integration with Xero

Regal Health has also combined KeyPay with their accounting system - Xero - to create a flexible, end-to-end platform that suits all of their needs. The minimal manual intervention required has enabled them to further save time on payroll and accounting: “We mainly use KeyPay’s integration with Xero for posting payroll costs through to Xero as a journal. All of the categories have an account code that is linked to Xero, and then we just press a button and it will flow to Xero as a draft. We review to make sure the numbers match up and then we just post the journal into Xero and everything will be in there - including super, expense claims and payroll. It’s really user-friendly.”

Advice to others considering KeyPay

Having implemented and used the system for almost 3 years, Gloria is adamant that KeyPay is the perfect payroll solution.

Even simple tasks such as employee management have helped Regal Health to save time; “Before, we were using paperwork to submit leave requests and expense claims, which were then passed to payroll to process manually. Now, leave and expense claims are automated and approved through the KeyPay portal, and flow through to the pay run automatically. That’s saved us a lot of time across the whole organisation, and has simplified our processes. That’s been very impressive.”

Key Insights

  1. The platform comes highly recommended from leaders within the disability, aged care and social assistance industries
  2. Custom rule sets and paying resources against various awards with KeyPay saves so much time 
  3. Integrations with rostering (Skedulo) and accounting (Xero) platforms have allowed Regal Health to combine all of their systems seamlessly with KeyPay
  4. Workforce management has been streamlined through automated payslips and approvals through the employee portal
  5. The system is very user-friendly and saves time across the organisation
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