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Very Special Kids

"The ease and the confidence that we have in KeyPay is 100%. It’s intuitive, easy to use, responsive, and has been so reliable."

Very Special Kids

Very Special Kids (VSK) is a not-for-profit organisation that cares for children with life-threatening conditions by providing a hospice and professional support services free-of-charge to families.


Very Special Kids (VSK) is a Not For Profit organisation that cares for children with life-threatening conditions by providing a children’s hospice and professional support services free-of-charge to families. Helping more than 900 families across Victoria, VSK have more than 100 staff and 953 volunteers. They are committed to providing their services to more and more families across Victoria and continuously increasing access to care at their children’s hospice.

We had a chat with VSK’s Finance Officer Jenny Sullivan – who made the decision to start using KeyPay in 2016 – about their experience of the platform.

How do you and your team currently use KeyPay?

We use KeyPay in 3 different areas of the business: our corporate team (salary); our family support team (timesheets); and our hospice staff (rostered). Our staff access the employee portal to submit timesheets, view payslips and other information.

What was the process prior to using KeyPay?

We were using a local payroll company but we still had to do our own interpretations of awards and calculated timesheets as a manual process. We pay to our own EBA which is quite a complex award and our staff did a pretty good job at interpreting it, but there was a lot of backwards and forwards, and we have since come across things that should have been tweaked such as public holidays since using KeyPay.

It came to a point where the system we were using was so old, it wasn’t going to be updated and they weren’t going to support it anymore. They also moved their helpdesk to the Philippines and had no understanding of the support we needed, so that pushed us to the brink!

What were the major pain points of your process prior to KeyPay?

Timesheets were frustrating – we had to chase up managers for paper timesheets in time for the day we processed payroll. We’d then have to manually check them and calculate them.

When you first considered using KeyPay, what features stood out to you the most?

We had assistance in searching for a platform so we planned on exploring a few options. KeyPay was one of the first we had explored, and we came out of the meeting with the team saying “Wow, that’s exactly what we want!”. The company we used to find a new payroll platform said we shouldn’t just jump on the first option but we loved KeyPay from the start; it just answered all of our needs.

We set up a trial account and did a couple of comparisons to make sure everything added up – which it did – and signed up officially on 1st July 2016.

What does your team say about KeyPay?

They love it! Having everything online means the approval process is so fast, and it’s just so much easier. It helps our managers because people would previously never be able to find their timesheets so they’d use someone else’s, or forget entirely, so managers spent a lot of time having to check and change them before approving and sending to us. We do our expenses through KeyPay now too and it’s just easy. The team don’t have to be in the office to do it which is another great thing.

What is your favourite feature of KeyPay?

There are so many! It’s great having everything at my fingertips. Absolutely everything is there. Occasionally someone will ask for something like a payslip and I can now just refer them to the employee portal.

Everything we do is so much easier, for example checking leave – we didn’t have things like a leave calendar before which really helps us.

Can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings since using KeyPay?

We used to allow 2 days for payroll, but now we usually finish it on the first day.

What do you love about KeyPay?

The ease and the confidence that we have in the payroll system is 100%. When we have queries, people get back to us so quickly with relevant answers. I’m very happy with the support we get. KeyPay is intuitive, easy to use, responsive, and has been so reliable.

For more information about how you could support Very Special Kids, take a look at their website.

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