What is Agrimaster?

Agrimaster is agricultural farm management software built by farmers for farmers. Agrimaster provides visibility of farm finances for scenario planning and to make informed business decisions. It is an end to end solution for complete farm financial management that utilises farm business data to create budgets and reports.

Agrimaster budgets provide complete detail unmatched by any other software solution, enabling farmers to plan thoroughly, model ‘what if’ scenarios and get bank loans approved quickly. Working with a network of accountants, consultants and advisors, Agrimaster farmers run successful farm businesses.

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What Agrimaster customers say

“I described the problem, listened to the advice, activated the guidance, problem solved. I couldn't ask for better or more promptness in dealing with the call.”
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Robert Hawes
“The team was extremely helpful and resolved my issue very quickly and efficiently, especially considering it was more complicated than I originally thought. They explained things in a very simple way, I have a better understanding of how the files work now. Most efficient and friendly tech support I've had anywhere, would definitely recommend.”
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Melissa Dufty
“I received very quick service. The Customer Support team read my email and acted on it straight away. There was no ringing to confirm or make further queries. The team just got in and fixed it. Thank you, Agrimaster.”
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Iain Mackie
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