With over 175,000 Australian businesses on the platform, KeyPay is a leading ATO-certified STP reporting software. With KeyPay as a STP provider, ATO compliance has never been easier!

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Get ready for STP Phase 2 with KeyPay

STP Phase 2 launched in July 2021, with more complex reporting requirements. KeyPay was one of the first software vendors to be certified as STP compliant by the ATO in its initial roll out. With the proven ability to streamline STP reporting for thousands of Australian businesses, you can rely on KeyPay to ensure you’re compliant with STP Phase 2!

Easily access COVID-19 JobKeeper payments via Single Touch Payroll

If your business qualifies for the JobKeeper program, you must be using Single Touch Payroll compliant software to access payments for eligible employees. KeyPay allows employers to get JobKeeper ready, and easily manage these payments.

Employee eligibility report
Our JobKeeper eligibility report provides employers with the information to make informed decisions on which of their employees fit the Government eligibility criteria.
Employee nomination notices
Once you’ve identified eligible employees, KeyPay enables you to bulk publish employee nomination notices to easily obtain and record employee consent before commencing payments.
Streamline JobKeeper payment management
Perform the three available JobKeeper options in KeyPay via an easy-to-use context panel: JobKeeper top-up, JobKeeper start, and JobKeeper finish.

Keeping STP simple

KeyPay only requires 3 steps to set up STP for life to become a breeze each pay run:

Tax/BAS Agents reporting on behalf of clients

Tax & BAS agents Standing Authority

Tax/BAS Agents reporting on behalf of clients can request client authorisation to action and approve pay events directly within the platform. No external emailing back and forth is required and all client actions are recorded within the STP event. Additionally, if agents have a Standing Authority with their clients they can apply this authority against an event, thereby removing the need to request client authority for each pay event moving forward.

STP compliance

Our STP feature is housed in the same software as your payroll data, meaning that there is no manual handling required to import and export your payroll data onto a third party platform to complete the report. With KeyPay as your single source of data from pay runs to STP, never worry about reporting errors or corruption of data again!

No manual data handling is required with KeyPay’s Single Touch Payroll enabled software
KeyPay ensures your Single Touch Payroll is still successful if errors are encountered

Reduce the chance of STP errors

KeyPay’s pre-lodgement validation ensures you are significantly more likely to successfully lodge an event. Any issues found within the event relating to payroll data or employee/business details that will otherwise guarantee the lodgement to fail will be displayed and is required to be corrected prior to lodging.

What’s more, if a pay run mistake is accidentally made, you can create an ad hoc pay run to make the necessary adjustments and lodge a pay event. Alternatively, you can update payroll data via lodging an updated event as well.

Tools for you to succeed

Help is never far away with KeyPay! We fully equip you with the tools for you to succeed each pay run. Whether you’re setting up STP, transitioning from another STP provider, or embarking on End of Financial Year processes, our informative guides and helpful videos will get you up to speed in no time.

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- Has had an approved leave request                        
- Has had an approved expense request
- Has had a published roster shift
- Has had an approved timesheet
**Custom domain inc. SSL Certificate is optional and comes at a cost of $200 per annum.