Compliance confidence

Modern awards are set by Fair Work and provide pay rates and conditions of employment such as leave, overtime, and shift work entitlements. KeyPay offers an extensive list of pre-built modern awards ready to go so you can be compliant in payroll. Our modern awards are also kept up to date, so you can rest assured your award calculations comply with Fair Work.

Australian modern award interpretation

Pay your Australian employees correctly, each and every time

How does the award interpreter help you?

Multiple awards can be installed and used including building customised EAs


You can select a pre-built award from our library or use our pay conditions engine to build your own Enterprise Agreement, ensuring your payroll is processed to your unique payroll scenario.

Pay above the award

Pay above the award?

We have you covered. All our pay categories are linked, so if you change employees’ base rates, all other penalties under the award are automatically updated.

Built-in rule tester

Built-in rule tester

Interpret employees’ timesheets and calculate their costs at any time. You can also view what pay conditions will apply. Why wait until after you finalise the pay run and view the reports to find out the final cost? Save your time and money with KeyPay.

Automated updates

Automated updates

Ensure your employees are paid at the correct rate according to Fair Work, and never worry about a payroll audit again. KeyPay manages all Fair Work Commission updates for you, giving you peace of mind.

Automated birthday / anniversary adjustments

Automated birthday / anniversary adjustments

You’ll never have to remember or keep track of employee birthdays. KeyPay automatically updates birthday and anniversary pay rates for junior, apprentice, and trainee employees so you don’t have to think about it.

tailored to you

Tailored to you

Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly, KeyPay’s shift period options auto-calculate overtime. This removes the mess of calculating hours worked, and lets payroll administrators re-focus their attention to more important tasks.

built in rules

Built-in rules

Remove manual calculations of higher duty payments and allowances using our built in rules associated with awards and Employment Agreements. Calculate overtime across a defined period, automatically accrue time in lieu, and so much more.

Rule conditions

Rule conditions

Do you pay different wage rates, penalties, allowances, or overtime based on location, cost centres, day of the week, or public holidays? Perhaps you have shift workers? Automatically calculate based on specific working requirements and spend less time on manual processes.

Set pay conditions

Pay conditions

If your staff accrue Rostered Days Off, or Time Off in Lieu of overtime, automate these accruals with rule sets using our pay conditions engine. Maintain correct balances automatically and let KeyPay do the heavy lifting for you, giving you the peace of mind you should have for every pay run.

Automate super threshold

Automated custom super threshold

Tailor minimum monthly superannuation threshold amounts according to award requirements. Super automatically accrues on Ordinary Time Earnings pay categories.

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PPC Moulding Services

PPC Moulding Services

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