KeyPay payroll automation software

Tired of repetitive payroll tasks? KeyPay’s pay run automation lets you run those in the background, freeing you from day-to-day manual admin while still allowing complete control of the pay run. Stop worrying about finding time for payroll tasks; free up the time to focus on more strategic work.

Why automate payroll?

Save time with payroll automation

Payroll tasks such as payroll calculations, importing timesheets, publishing pay slips, and sending reports can take up your entire day. With a quick one-off configuration these tasks will run automatically, saving up to 90% of your time on payroll admin, and allowing more hours in the day to take your business to the next level.

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Automate tasks and process

Quality assurance built in

What if someone’s leave has not been approved? What if bank account details are missing, or an employee’s birthday falls within the pay run? How will automation work then? 

Developed from analysing over 158k businesses within our system, we’ve factored in all the ‘what ifs’ for you. Our automation technology utilises built-in warnings which users can pre-select to pause the payroll automation process if something requires action prior to finalising the pay run. So don’t worry - employee pays will always be accurate and fully compliant.

Pick and choose your automation

Prefer to automate some tasks and process the rest manually? Not a problem! With KeyPay you can pick and choose which payroll task to automate. The flexibility of our system caters to all business needs with you in the driver's seat.

Automate tasks and process

Areas of the pay run that can be automated include:

Calculating payroll

Payroll and super calculations

Leave the math to us! KeyPay sends employees' timesheet data through the rule sets of your award or Agreement, automating the calculation of all pay rates, tax, and super. Set and forget with KeyPay and ensure consistent, compliant pay runs, every time.

Automatic payroll system

Automated award interpretation

Why spend your days trudging through Fair Work awards? KeyPay has an extensive list of modern awards built in the platform that are ready to go, meaning award calculations are automatically compliant. Each financial year, KeyPay automatically updates the available awards, meaning you never have to dive into award policies again. Phew!

Automated timesheets

Automated timesheets

Ever struggled with tracking down late timesheets? With KeyPay’s timesheet system, employees can also use our employee self service mobile app - WorkZone, to clock in and out. No more chasing employees, just approve the timesheets via WorkZone or in KeyPay. What’s more, KeyPay automatically interprets the timesheet data and feeds it into the pay run.

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Pay slip distribution

After a pay run, employees can be notified of pay slips via email, SMS, or through WorkZone, completely removing any need for paper and manual data handling. Employees have access to their pay slips immediately - no emailing necessary.

Leave requests and calculations

Leave requests and calculations

Have part-timers, casual shift workers and full timers all in the pay run? With KeyPay you can cater to different leave entitlement scenarios down to a per-hour worked or per-pay run basis with ease. Our new personal/carer's leave category is also compliant to the Fair Work Commission's decision on the accrual of this leave. Accrual entitlements need only be set up once; our automation will take the load off and do the rest for you.

Picture of automated reporting


Just one more stop in our journey to making your life easier. At the end of a pay run, choose specific dates and times to automate reports and journals for compiling and sending out to chosen staff or clients, or for uploading to your accounting software. Once configured, the system handles everything
(Excel spreadsheets? Goodbye!).

Picture of termination calculations

Termination calculations

Stressed about accuracy when calculating payout entitlements? Whether it be a resignation or a genuine redundancy, KeyPay simplifies it for you by automatically processing all leave types to be paid out, determine taxable and tax free amounts, and calculate the PAYG according to the ATO’s specifications. Free up mental space to focus on other aspects in the offboarding process for an employee.

Picture of termination calculations

Split earnings by location

Need to split employee earnings across various locations or cost centres for reasons such as government funding or budget management? Save time by automating the distribution of earnings for auto pay salaried employees as a set percentage - no manual calculations required.

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Next Step Bookkeeping

Next Step Bookkeeping

"From my experience, KeyPay is the best payroll solution on the market. It’s the first time in all my bookkeeping years that I feel confident in the data and reports."

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- Has had an approved expense request
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- Has had an approved timesheet
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