You no longer have to slave over Excel-based rosters when using KeyPay’s rostering feature! With intuitive shift scheduling, rostering can be completed in a heartbeat and unexpected changes managed stress-free.

Completing a roster in KeyPay
Creating a roster with KeyPay

Rostering made easy

Our intuitive roster generator makes building rosters become second nature. Create shifts based on your business’ standard working day, drag and copy shifts, assign roles to employees, and duplicate rosters in a few clicks. Employee unavailability is displayed clearly to eliminate rostering errors from the start. What's more, with our automated award interpretation and costed rosters, you'll always have full visibility and control of projected wage costs.

Increased accessibility

Once a roster is created, employees can be notified of their scheduled shifts in three ways: text, email, or push notifications to the employee mobile app - WorkZone. To post schedules in your office or break room, you can export rosters to Excel. You can even give employees the option to accept, swap, decline, or bid for open shifts in the app. Rosters have never been more accessible for all!

Notify employees of published rosters through WorkZone

Rostering budgets

Plan your workforce with the sustainability of the business in mind using our automated shift costing and budget manager features. Costed rosters provide real time visibility of wages costs, automatically costing shifts based on the employee setup against the award or specific pay condition rule sets. Set budgets against the roster to easily track costs as you populate employee shifts, allowing you to manage your wages upfront.

Let templates pave the way

With our roster templates you can plan your resourcing requirements for certain projects in advance without affecting the standard roster, or even build the basis of the roster specific to the roles required and then assign staff at a later stage. What’s more, you can apply any template to the roster on multiple occasions and from any specific date.

Roster templates
Progress quicker with KeyPay’s rostering feature

Onwards and upwards

In KeyPay, managers can compare rostered shifts to actual time worked and easily identify inconsistencies at the timesheet approval stage. Progress to the next step of the payroll process without backtracking!

Shift swapping

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can prevent an employee from working a shift that was previously assigned, and you have to look for a replacement. Here at KeyPay, we’re all about working smarter, which is why we have shift swapping available to alleviate your workload. Allow employees to swap shifts with other eligible employees only, giving you certainty your wages costs and roster budget are maintained.

An employee who is sick can easily swap a shift with KeyPay’s WorkZone app
Shift bidding

Shift bidding

Have new shifts that are unassigned? Let shift bidding fill it for you! Employees can be sent a notification to WorkZone on an available shift and are given the option of accepting or declining a bidding shift. You can even set up unique groups of employees that will receive these unassigned shifts first before opening it up to everyone else.

Snapshot of roster features

KeyPay roster warnings

Roster warnings

Roster warnings allow payroll admins to relax, knowing that staff have been rostered correctly based on their respective working requirements. No more manually assessing shifts to check that overtime, meal breaks and maximum work hours haven’t been exceeded - roster warning rules can be created and customised to trigger a warning for any affected shifts during the rostering process. Compliance over shift scheduling has never been easier!

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Queen Victoria Market

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