KeyPay and CashD product shots

What is CashD?

CashD is a new B2B technology solution that enables workers to get paid on any day at any time.

The challenge CashD is solving is that traditional pay cycles do not suit the on-demand needs of today’s workers. CashD integrates with payroll, workforce management and HR systems to enable workers to receive payments based on completed work, in real-time, directly into their bank account. The CashD solution offers instant connection to KeyPay, in turn this enables instant payment to workers and most importantly a one click deduction file upload process.

Integrate with CashD

Why use CashD with KeyPay?

CashD integrates with KeyPay so you can take advantage of the following combined features for both employers and employees:


Financial flexibility for employers
Free up your cashflow
Reduce worker financial stress
Increase worker retention
No complex software integrations
Revenue stream potential


Live Apps - Android, iOS
User friendly platform
Easy 2 step registration process
Connected to your payroll solution in real time
Instant payment to your bank account
No interest charged
Safe and secure application
KeyPay offers integration with HR platforms like HappyHR