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Integrate KeyPay with Doorkeeper Pro by Nirovision

Use Doorkeeper Pro with KeyPay to enhance employee sign-ins, automate time and attendance, eliminate paper timesheets, and enable flexible payroll processing in the cloud.

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Doorkeeper Pro Dashboard

What Doorkeeper Pro users can do with KeyPay

Fully automate your payroll from end-to-end through KeyPay’s extensive features
Single Touch Payroll compliant reporting
Streamline employee onboarding with KeyPay’s paperless onboarding experience
Enhance employee management and health and safety with Doorkeeper Pro
Benefit from automated and compliant super management
Automatically calculate termination payments
Access KeyPay’s extensive library of reports, giving greater payroll insights
Utilise KeyPay’s built in leave and expense management

Why use KeyPay with Doorkeeper Pro?

Streamline visitor management
Provide employees and contractors with a fast and touchless clock on/off. Allow pre-registrations and add health or compliance checks to ensure everyone coming on-site is safe and authorised.
Automate time and attendance
Verify employees with a face check and automate the collection of attendance data, the creation of timesheets and calculation of hours. Sync with KeyPay to complete the payroll journey.
Save time and money
Reduce administration with automation to lower payroll costs. Eliminate paperwork and bundy clocks to prevent errors and protect against fraudulent timesheets.

What is Doorkeeper Pro?

Doorkeeper Pro is a check-in experience like no other.

Do more with Doorkeeper Pro

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Face check sign in
Accurately record time and attendance with Australian owned and developed facial recognition. Turn an iPad into a touchless check-in kiosk.
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Allow employees to quickly and easily clock off for breaks. No swipe cards, timesheets or mobile apps needed.
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Auto check-out
Automatically check out everyone at the end of the day or allow employees to check out when they leave.
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Receive host notifications when contractors arrive or when certain employees clock on or when someone is stopped for any reason.
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Auto calculation of hours
Access custom dashboards, reports and digital timesheets that calculate hours worked for easy payroll with KeyPay.
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