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What is HR Partner?

HR Partner is the HR system for small and mid-sized businesses (generally with 20-500 employees). It includes employee records management, a recruitment and applicant tracking system, onboarding checklists, leave / vacation requests, expense claims, asset management, custom forms, employee portal, reminders, and a lot more. In fact, HR Partner gives small and medium businesses everything they need to manage their HR processes and reduce the time spent on HR administration tasks.

Traditionally, software like this has only been available for much larger businesses and is way too expensive for smaller organisations. HR Partner aims to equip businesses with access to proper HR tools so that they can manage their employees in a professional way without prohibitive cost. HR Partner is specifically designed and priced for small and medium businesses - so it’s a more simple version of corporate HR software and is much more affordable.

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How HR Partner Works

Why Use HR Partner with KeyPay?

By using HR Partner alongside KeyPay, you’ll benefit from:

An Employee Directory with contact details everyone can access
Access to the Company Calendar to see public holidays, company events, employee birthdays, employee work anniversaries, and employee leave
Confidential storage of positions and remuneration, performance reviews, discussions and grievances, training, skills and more
Asset tracking to keep track of computers, security cards, and other equipment on loan to employees
An easy process for leave requests, approvals & accruals
Checklists for onboarding, off-boarding, training or anything else - put together lists for employees with materials to read, documents to sign, documents to upload, videos to watch, forms to complete, and more
No need for a separate Applicant Tracking System, as HR Partner includes recruitment tools that let you manage the flow of applicants, publish jobs online, use custom application forms, and process applicants using a Kanban style tracking system to easily move candidates across different stages of the application process
Team members can access everything they need via the self-service portal - they can apply for leave, submit expense claims, access the employee directory, upload documents, manage their profile and more
Let your employees, job applicants, or even people outside your organisation sign documents electronically
Document library to store company processes, procedures, employee handbooks, training materials, company forms and anything else employees need easy access to

HR Partner originates from Australia but operates globally with customers in over 50 countries.

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