NoahFace and KeyPay Integration

What is NoahFace?

NoahFace is the fastest and most accurate way to record staff time and attendance. It is designed for organisations that employ shift workers, particularly in industries such as Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare and Retail, and mounts as a self-service kiosk at the point of staff entry and exit.

NoahFace uses facial recognition technology to make the clock-in and clock-out process one-touch action, reducing the time taken for clocking in to seconds and avoiding queues and employee frustration during peak periods. It also helps you eliminate ‘buddy-clocking’ and fraud by positively identifying individuals and automatically storing a photo of all clocking events.

The data collected by NoahFace is loaded into your payroll system, ensuring employees get paid accurately based on their actual worked hours. Shift your business to the next level!

How NoahFace works

Why use NoahFace with KeyPay?

NoahFace integrates with KeyPay so you can take advantage of the following combined features:

Manage all of your employee list and staff rosters.
Fast and accurate clock-in and clock-out processes using facial recognition.
Self-service support for ‘forgot to clock-out’ scenarios.
Optional recording of breaks and un-planned shifts.
Monitor employee attendance in real time.
Review and adjust timesheets prior to your pay run.
Integrate with NoahFace
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