What is Note It?

Note It was built from the ground up so that leaders could be more effective in their role. It was specifically designed for continuous proactive management of performance, so that organisations could focus on developing and sustaining high performing teams. It is intuitive and available on multiple platforms so that you can capture the moments that matter anytime, anywhere.

Simple and delightful to use, it improves the quality and quantity of performance feedback exponentially – and accompanied by invaluable data driven insights, instantly provides a new perspective for leaders and organisations.
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Why Integrate Note It with KeyPay?

By connecting your KeyPay account with Note It, you can take advantage of the following features that are complimented with current employee data:

Manage all of your employee performance records in a single location.
Proactively manage unsatisfactory performance, and prevent grievances or unfair dismissal claims.
Recognise high performance and drive a culture of ownership.
Capture feedback anywhere, anytime on any device.
Influence behaviours that enhance performance.
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