What is Paytime?

Paytime is an HR-tech company that partners with companies to empower, educate, equip, and elevate their employees out of financial stress and into financial security, enabling every worker to have:

The ability to deal with emergency or unexpected expenses without resorting to payday loans or credit cards.
A solid understanding of how to manage their money and nurture financial wellbeing for themselves.
The tools they need to budget and avoid overdrawn bank fees.
A “set-and-forget” savings programme.
Access to a comprehensive library of Mental Health resources and tools.
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Paytime’s mission

Paytime’s mission is to change the way employees get paid, in order to assist people eliminate (or at least reduce) financial stress and the mental health issues that come with the stress associated with the mismatch between daily expenses and monthly or fortnightly paydays.

Financial stress is widespread and employees who are affected are less productive, less engaged, and less loyal. It’s a “silent killer” to both employers and employees. Financial and mental stress impacts 50% of all Australian workers and costs the Australian economy $31 billion in lost productivity.

As such, Paytime is so much more than an Earned Wage Access platform. Our 4 pillars offer a holistic Financial & Mental wellbeing initiative for Employees:

Paytime's four pillars

How Paytime works

Why use Paytime with KeyPay

Paytime integrates with KeyPay so you can:

Offer your employees real-time access to their earned wages, proven to deliver up to:
  • 20% improvement in productivity
  • 25% improvement in employee retention
  • 15% lower absenteeism
Offer your employees a vast selection of financial education tools, materials and resources, including free, confidential financial counselling sessions by the National Debt Helpline.
Promote mental health and wellbeing with a library of mental health resources.
Encourage savings in a natural, organic way to significantly reduce financial stress.

We believe there is an opportunity for a fairer solution, that gives people more financial freedom - if people work every day, and spend every day, then why should they only get paid once or twice a month?

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