ETZ and KeyPay Integration

What is ETZ?

Running your recruitment back office is time consuming, complicated, and admin heavy. ETZ saves a lot of this hassle, time, and money with their powerful software. ETZ looks after your payroll process from creation of timesheets, approval, invoicing, reporting, and expenses. 

By automating and streamlining back office processes to deliver cost and efficiency benefits, ETZ enables agencies to focus on their core competency: recruitment. What’s more, ETZ allows you to load your data seamlessly into any payroll and accounting system with no errors.

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Why use ETZ with KeyPay?

ETZ integrates with KeyPay so you can take advantage of the following combined features:

A completely automated process
Real-time gross margin reporting for better business planning
Speed up cash flow
No more lost timesheets or extra investment in hardware, software or staff
Virtually eliminate errors due to transcript and calculation
E-Sign documents and timesheets
No more chasing timesheets as reminders can be sent from the software
etzComply: manage contract signing and HR compliance document management in the same system as your timesheets
First class customer service from a dedicated team
Candidates and consultants can submit timesheets online
Integrate with ETZ
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